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Dying Young

Dying Young

Language: Vietnamese
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  • Hearing Impaired:No
  • Foreign parts:No
  • Framerate:Not available
  • Files:1 (34,354bytes)
  • Production type:Translated a subtitle
  • Release type:Not available
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    00:00:12,840 --> 00:00:35,020
    Dịch phụ đề: AnanVinh

    00:00:40,840 --> 00:00:43,020
    Giữ lấy.

    00:01:01,840 --> 00:01:06,020

    00:01:47,240 --> 00:01:50,250
    - Hilary!
    - Cái gì?

    00:01:56,580 --> 00:01:58,590
    Chìa khóa.

    00:02:13,770 --> 00:02:17,790
    - Này! Ồ!
    - Cậu không thể thô bạo với nó.


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