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Divorce Attorney Shin (Sacred Divorce / Sinseonghan Ihon / 신성한 이혼)

Divorce Attorney Shin (Sacred Divorce / Sinseonghan Ihon / 신성한 이혼)

Language: Arabic
Rating: 7.8
Plot: Driven by a personal tragedy, a pianist-turned-lawyer navigates the complex world of divorce — fighting for his clients to win by any means necessary.

Subtitle details:

Online:4/9/2023 10:15 PM 
Hearing Impaired:No
Foreign parts:No
Framerate:Not available
Files:12 (335,166bytes)
Production type:Translated a subtitle
Release type:Web
Rated:10/10 from7 users
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Subtitle preview:

00:00:50,383 --> 00:00:54,888
‫"(شين): محامي الطلاق"

00:00:57,098 --> 00:00:59,100
‫"الحلقة الأولى"

00:01:00,769 --> 00:01:04,355
‫الوقوع في الحب ليس جريمة.

00:01:04,856 --> 00:01:05,899
‫تبًا، هذا ساخن!

00:01:07,400 --> 00:01:09,110
‫لم أشأ أن أصل بالأمر إلى هذا الحد.

00:01:09,194 --> 00:01:11,362
‫لكنه القدر.


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