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Blood Flower (Harum malam)

Blood Flower (Harum malam)

Language: English
Rating: 0.0
Plot: Iqbal and his mother have a special talent for seeing things that others cannot. Together with his father, who doesn’t share their sight, they work as exorcists until one day his mother meets a tragic end, saving Iqbal from an attack by a particularly malevolent spirit. With his mother gone, Iqbal’s father attempts to end the family’s suffering by binding his son’s abilities by using a mystic, but it only half works. When Iqbal and his friends inadvertently unleash a very nasty spirit in a fit of adolescent abandon, he learns that his abilities aren’t completely gone... but are they strong enough to save the people he loves from a fate worse than death?

Subtitle details:

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  • Hearing Impaired:No
  • Foreign parts:No
  • Framerate:24.000
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  • Production type:From retail
  • Release type:Web
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    00:00:38,958 --> 00:00:41,833

    00:00:46,333 --> 00:00:49,625
    Hey guys, I think we need
    to find another hangout spot.

    00:00:49,708 --> 00:00:53,291
    We can't spend our school holidays
    hanging out here, like a bunch of apes.

    00:00:53,375 --> 00:00:57,375
    What's wrong with you guys?
    This place is just fine.

    00:00:58,250 --> 00:00:59,875

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